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How many of us can recall ever in our life, much less at a young age, that precise moment when you just knew what you wanted to do.  I know so many that are still asking that question, even late in life.  I am that unique person who just knew I was born with a wonder lust of adventure, travel and exploration. During my early years,

when TV's were still generally black and white, telephones were rotary dialed and only consisted of a few numbers, I was a total tomboy.  No matter how many dresses,  frilly socks or bows my mother put in my curly locks, all I wanted was to climb up trees and jump on the trampoline as high as I could.  I would grab onto the lowest branch above me hold on as long as I could then let go.  Gravity would pull me quickly back down and  the bouncing would continue. Flips and daring acts often ended in a heavy crash onto the springs and the metal rim. So many bruises and hurt body parts during those years, but what fun I had.

As soon as I could read, I was reading your basic books  but was bored with them. I soon learned that I could read more grown up books and found at a very young age the Kon Tiki Expedition book by Thor Heyerdahl.  What a fantastic tale of balsa wood, doing what was a dream and enduring so many obstacles. Then there was this tale of a little known island called Easter Island.  My first yearning for wanting to travel to this little island in the south Pacific literally 1200 miles from the nearest inhabited city, was that I would one day do what I had to do to get there.  Next in my book encounters was a fantastic lost world called Pompeii in Italy.   To this day I cannot recall exactly what story I read, but the thought that a city could be buried for so many years under volcanic ash preserving history was just a thrill to even imagine.

If you think about your encounters with young tom boys, we are rebels and love to get dirty.  I smelled of BO my entire childhood because to bath was time taken away from outdoors. I never put a brush through my hair which was a curly mess that grew like a lions mane when the humidity rose.  In the south that happens about everyday.  Dippity Do was a constant with little effect. If my mother was not managing my hair, then the likes of a what looked like a moment after a socket insertion was what my hair looked like. I was a site wearing t shirts and shorts that NEVER matched.  Did I care? Absolutely not.


My lust for adventure and travel grew even stronger when my family moved from the U.S. down to South America in the early 1970's. We spent two and half years in Sao Paulo, Brazil and two and half in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Following that time  into my teenage years when boys started to matter, we moved to Quito, Ecuador.  After a year and half there, we made the move to Caracas, Venezuela. Today I can refer to that life style as an Insurance brat.  Moving every couple of years as do the Military brats.   All this while I learned a new language, Portuguese.  I already spoke Spanish as I grew up bilingual with a Tex/Mex upbringing.   As a kid, you learn really quickly. There are no books, no conjugation and no memory issues. It just happens.


While living in the South American during those formative 8 years, our moves made me realize that there was so much more in the world that was different yet the same to my first 10 years in the States.  The sites, cultural differences, food, political issues and people really opened my eyes. I realized I had to travel the world and see all that I could see. I read the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series, which not having anything to do with travel, were full of adventure and mystery.  I was hooked. Every night I would plow through a book a night.  There was no stopping me. I had to know more.


Then came the moment when I had to decide on college.  Being a Texan, the logical assumption would be that I would go to a University in Dallas, Texas.  During my senior year at Colegio Internacional de Caracas (CIC) in Caracas Venezuela, I had to make a choice.  We had just completed our SAT or ACT testing, can't remember which one The time was near to start mailing out the college and university applications.  Yes, back in the early 1980's snail mail was alive and well. My parents sat down with me and gave me two choices. Either attend my higher education in the Texas or go to Europe!  What? I could go to Europe? Now that took about half a millisecond of thought before I blurted out "Europe, yes Europe".

Off I went  to ACP (The American University of Paris) in France.  During my three years in Paris as a college student, I know I should have focused my attention on studying and getting good grades, but with the ease of the trains throughout Europe, each weekend became an adventure. I traveled as far as my budget on a train would take me, mostly ten dollar tickets.

I married in 1984, lived in Europe for another three years and then returned to the United States which was a very foreign land to me.  A few years later,  I found myself as a single mom.  This led to the next thirty two years of  traveling  the world, enriching my heart and soul on a tight budget.  Through the planning, budgeting, packing and the final experience of each and every journey, I found a common thread in my life.  I do not travel like the average journey seeker on vacation.


I never thought of writing my stories down.  I did not believe they were that interesting. Until I married a commercial pilot at the age of fifty.  I began to cross paths with hundreds of travelers, far more experienced than I, who were intrigued with some of the stories I had to tell.  After many mentions of "you should write a book", here I am, believing in myself and hoping a few people will be entertained with my adventures.  If you are one of those people, thank you. Enjoy traveling vicariously through my words to adventures I once thought were the norm.




These are my stories of just an ordinary girl, traveling to experience all that life puts in front of me.

Genevieve, aka G8