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7. Goats Eyes, Taiwan 1996

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

I grew up eating a variety of foods as my parents had lived over seas for many years. One of my favorite desert was a bowl of lychee nut (fruit) when we went out for our once a week Asian meal in Dallas, Texas.

This fruit has the texture of a grape with a very sweet unique taste. I would always request my own serving as this is how much I enjoyed this fruit. Over the years, as I moved around from country to country, I continued to enjoy this amazing fruit. Only difference was that I found you could buy a can of lychee fruit at the supermarket and what a fabulous idea that was. The taste was not the same as the fresh ones off the stem, but never the less, a wonderful taste to my taste buds.

I had forgotten about this fruit for a few years. When my daughter turned 5, she was now able to attend school which gave me a few hours of freedom in my day to go explore more of Atlanta. I happened into the Dekalb farmers market on Ponce de Leon Ave. This would now become my new shopping location for the next couple of years. There in one if the isles I found the canned lychee nut fruit. I had just died and gone to heaven. I picked up a few cans and took them home. I had a few hours before my daughter was going to arrive home from school. I opened the can and enjoyed a small bowl of this wonderful sweet delight. Savoring every last drop of the juice, I put the remainder of the fruit in the fridge for a later date.

Our usual routine started when my daughter arrived home. An exchange of the days events over an afternoon snack. On this particular day, I had put out a bowl of the lychee fruit nuts.

"What are those?" my daughter asked just staring at the bowl.

Out of my mouth with little thought I blurted out "Goats Eyes."

My daughters eyes almost popped out of her head. "Eeeeewwwww," she said, wrinkling up her nose. "That is disgusting."

Of course I had to carry on the torture by spooning one out the bowl and enjoying the taste all the while watching my daughter just wriggle in pain at the thought that her mother was enjoying the taste of goats eyes.

For years to come, I enjoyed the lychee nut fruit all on my own. Until our trip to Taiwan.

My sister had been living there and it was time to take my daughter on a vacation. She had just turned 10. Taiwan was a magical trip with many new adventures for my daughter to experience such as walking through the rice fields in the city, seeing all the different Temples along the road side and enjoying the Asian lifestyle.

During our two weeks in Taipei, grocery shopping was required. We went to the open market and picked up some fruit, vegetables and fresh fish for dinner one evening. You guessed it. Lychee fruit on the vine. I had to grap a whole bag of them. My daughter looked at this unique cluster I was holding and asked what they were.

"Lychee nut fruit. They are like grapes," I responded with a big smile on my face.

Arriving home, we all tended to a different part of the meal preparation. Then came time to peel the lychee nut fruit. My daughter came over and helped me out. As I showed her how to peel them, the first fruit finally came to light.

"Mama, that looks just like those yucky goats eyes you eat at home," she said.

With a surprised look on my face I responded,"They do don't they?"

I think the look on my face gave it all away. She started to laugh and said that she would now try one and that maybe I would have to start sharing with her.

The joke at home now is if I do not want to share my food, I will say it tastes like "Goats Eyes!"

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